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Don't just find your next job, find your next career.

Career Management has never been easier. With over 25 years of industry experience, the professionals at Paramount Placement have made a career out of worrying about your career.

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Our Services

Why choose Paramount Placement Career Management?

Paramount Placement offers an innovative approach while leveraging technology, industry expertise, and their 5 Step "Winner's Mentality" Program.

Personalized Strategic Coaching

Our personalized coaching will ensure you have the right mindset, gameplan, and attitude to achieve a new level of success

Resumes Written to Perfection

Resumes re-written by our acclaimed resume expert to get you in front of industry leaders or your vertical.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Unlike the competition, we don't "work our network" to find you a job. We actively acquire opportunities molded around your specifications. 

"Winning Together" Guarantee!

Upon successful placement in your next career opportunity, we proudly offer a refund ranging from 25% to 75% of our fee, no gimmicks here. A genuine money-back promise.

We Help Build You, not just your "Brand"

Paramount Placement prioritizes your individual development over mere social media presence. We guarantee that the impression you make on your future employer transcends virtual interactions.

The Competition is Dated

People hire people. We prepare and coach you to seize your next career opportunity. Waiting passively doesn't work, we actively hunt for opportunities on your behalf.

Trusted & Recognized by:


4.9/5 (2,100+)





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2022 - #1693 / 5000

 2023 - #2001 / 5000

How it works:

Paramount Placement Career Management guides you to unlock your full potential and assists you in landing your dream career position. Through personalized guidance, professional resume services, job search strategies, interview preparation, networking support, and continuous assistance, we empower you to achieve your career goals with confidence.

Our one-time fee opens doors to a comprehensive suite of services. This fee, either partially or fully refundable upon success, ensures access to six months of dedicated support or placement, whichever comes first. We're dedicated to prioritizing your success, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.

How you benefit:

Discover the myriad benefits of our services at Paramount Placement Career Management:

  • Increased earning potential

  • Identification of unadvertised potential roles

  • Lifelong personal and professional development

  • Utilization of our 25 years of industry experience

  • Confidentiality throughout the process to safeguard your current employment

  • Swift placement, with most clients finding positions within 3-6 months

  • Partial or full refund upon successful placement with one of our clients

What we do:

Through the following steps, we will empower your career journey:

  • Professional resume/cover letter crafting

  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement/Optimization

  • Personalized weekly coaching sessions

  • Comprehensive interview preparation

  • Expert assistance with offer negotiations

  • Dedicated support during the onboarding process

  • Customized job search strategies tailored to your career goals

  • Support with job search and potential placement at a company we've sourced

Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller
Chief Financial Officer

Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor
Director of Maintenance

Don't take our word for it.

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez
VP of Human Resources

Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore
Corporate Attorney

Anthony Chen

Anthony Chen
Lead Software Engineer

Aaliyah Harris

Aaliyah Harris
Information Systems Manager

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