Connecting you with industry leading talent like never before.

Our revolutionary talent sourcing program gives you access to the most qualified candidates on the market!

Changing the industry forever.

Our unique model allows us to be an industry leader all while saving you $1000's in recruiting and staffing costs. With access to over 50,000 qualified candidates across the country, we are the #1 talent sourcing firm in the skilled trades industry! What are you waiting for, find out how we can help today!

Insight like no other.

In today's competitive market, it is crucial to have a partner that understands your industry more than ever. Paramount Placement will offer industry expertise and insight to guarantee you are positioned to attract the best talent available. With our third party research and analytics, we can provide critical data that keeps you ahead of your competition in your specific market. 

Our talent, your way.

We never forget about you during the hiring process. Every recruitment is customized around your needs and criteria. You control requirements, pay scale, experience level, shift, and more during this process. You are in total control at all times.

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