Our clients work with us because we are #1.

Our attention to detail, access to over 50,000 qualified candidates, and cost effective program are just some of the reasons why companies choose Paramount Placement.

All about you.

Every sourcing campaign begins with you and your best interest. Unlike most firms, Paramount Placement always has our clients' best interest at the forefront of every recruitment. Our competitive pricing, customizable plans, and industry leading programs, are just a few of of the benefits that our clients receive! Contact us today, to see how we can help you!

Who we work with.

Local Companies

We love to partner with local small to medium sized companies. Whether you are established or a start up, we can help with all of your staffing needs. From one single opening, to multiple needs, we are here to help you with all of your talent sourcing needs. Call Paramount Placement today!

Fortune 500

Our partnerships with huge National Fortune 500 companies, is another way we have been able to capture a large portion of the talent market and bring you the top talents in your industry at an unbeatable price! Call Paramount Placement today and see how you can become another partner of ours, we are waiting.

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